A Ten Minute Pencil Skirt to Show Off Your Curves


My ruggedly handsome husband has always loved my curves.

Me? Not so much.

It’s taken me a lifetime to start to appreciate my body. When I was very young, Twiggy was marketed as the ideal body type. For so long, in my mind, I didn’t feel like my curvy body was acceptable.

I’m so very happy for young girls today that our society is starting to recognize the beauty of curves.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for unhealthy eating and no exercise. I’m just glad that healthy curves are becoming more acceptable in our mainstream culture.

So often women with curves cover them up with baggy shirts and dresses.

But you don’t have to!

I think Christian Dior knew what he was doing when he introduced the pencil skirt in 1954. A pencil skirt looks great on so many different body types. How about showing off your curves in this easy to make pencil skirt?


All you need is a yard of heavy stretch knit fabric and some 1/2 inch elastic.


If you have an extra ten minutes, you can make one this morning and wear it this afternoon. It’ll probably take you longer to buy the fabric than to make the skirt.


Click here for the entire pencil skirt tutorial.

In other news:

If you live in the Minnesota area, you can watch my second guest appearance on the popular Sunday morning program, The Happi House, tomorrow at 9:00 am on the CW channel.


You guys get to see it before I do, so you’ll have to let me know what you think.

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DIY: Wedding Sash and Garter

YAY! It’s wedding season!

For those of you lucky enough to to have a beautiful bride in your life, or to be a beautiful bride yourself,


eHow asked me to create two tutorials especially for you…

How to Make a Sash for a Wedding Dress and How to Make a Bridal Garter.







Thanks for hopping over to eHow to check out these articles. If you have time, I’d love to know what you think of them. :)

Enjoy your weekend!


For refashion inspiration:


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This Morning’s Television Debut

Thought you might like to see this morning’s television debut on The Happi House.

My ruggedly handsome husband has suggested pulling my hair back next time. Pretty sure he’s right. :)

So. Much. Fun!

Thanks for having me over Happi! I had a blast.

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How to Make a Terry Cloth Towel Robe

Thanks to everyone who watched my television debut on the Happi House this morning. If you don’t get the CW channel and missed the show, I’ll post a link as soon as I get one.

In the meantime, let’s make a beach cover up for those soon to be summer days that will be spent lounging around the pool being served umbrella clad drinks by handsome cabana boys. (A girl can dream can’t she?)


Just grab some towels, ribbon, elastic, your trusty sewing machine and click here to see the full tutorial.




When you’re finished, throw on a swim suit and some flip flops, grab a good book, wrap your new towel robe around you and head to the nearest beach chair for a relaxing day on the water.

Enjoy your Sunday!

For more refashion inspiration:


The Refashion Handbook

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My Television Debut on the CW Channel This Morning at 9:00 am

Just a friendly reminder to all of you in the Minnesota area. You can catch my television debut at 9:00 am this morning on the Happi House.


The Happi House is an entertaining and informative weekly magazine style television series for women that airs on the CW channel at 9:00 on Sunday mornings. It’s sponsored by Creative Kidstuff.

As a teacher, I love Creative Kidstuff’s mission. They believe that play is joyful, educational, creative and inspiring. Their mission is to help families play together and learn together. The Happi House is a natural extension of that philosophy, and they were definitely lots of fun to work with!

I ‘m super excited and I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


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Create a Modern Sleeveless Blazer and a Giveaway

I really hope I’m not the only one who hears the voices.

You know… those voices that come with the change in the weather. Those voices that speak in perfect harmony with the chirps of the spring sparrows. Those voices that call to me from the middle room as I enter my studio. I hear them constantly clamoring for their chance to be transformed.

Today, I heard the voice of this beautiful, but tired, old blue blazer. I imagine it once attended important business meetings in its day, but then somehow found itself wedged between some old velvet jackets at the thrift store. It convinced me that if I brought it home with me, I could, at least, use the fabric for something fun. It sat quietly on the shelf for almost a year, but today, it begged me to lighten it up a bit by taking off the sleeves and to bring it back out into the spring sunshine.


That smooth talking blazer was quite convincing, so I got right to work. I then dug through the miles and miles of bias tape that I can’t seem to stop making and found the perfect match.


It took less than an hour for that smooth talking, now sleeveless blazer and I to be ready to head to work, feeling polished but not too stuffy or hot in this nice spring weather.


Click here for the full tutorial and your chance to win your own copy of The Refashion Handbook. Just pin and leave a comment and your name will be entered to win.

The Refashion Handbook

Thanks to everyone who has been leaving 5-star reviews on Amazon!

Here is the latest review from KLH:

“I got this book in the late morning and couldn’t put it down until I had read the whole thing!! I’ve been sewing for a long time and have done my own minor alterations here and there. A couple of years ago a friend introduced me to thrift shopping and I was hooked. I, too, felt “called” to by gorgeous discards that didn’t fit, as Beth described. But as I looked at previously expensive former treasures, I wondered whether I could alter them but never took the leap (what was I thinking? It’s so cheap!! Like no risk!!).

I just happened to find Beth’s book during an Amazon book browsing session and couldn’t believe it–a book on something that was starting to give me great interest. I checked out her blog and felt like I had a new friend and acquired new stitching bravery so I ordered it. While reading it, I could tell as an experienced sewist myself that her techniques are good and sound. Now I can’t wait for my next visit to a thrift store–it will be with new eyes and a new adventure. So many new ideas…. Sooooo excited. Thank you, Beth!!”

Thank YOU, KLH!


For more refashion inspiration:


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Upcycle a Vintage Buckle and Create a Colorful Fabric Belt

Have I ever mentioned to you how much I love my assistant, Jan?

She is so thoughtful, so kind and so patient. Everyday she comes to work with a smile on her face and makes our day better. I love her laugh and her voice. :)  She is one of those people who can light up a room just by walking in.

One day she showed up with a bag full of vintage belt buckles for me. Talk about lighting up a room! She found them at a yard sale and thought I might like them. And yes, I LOVE them, Jan! They are beautiful and perfect for making some new spring fabric belts.


To liven up your spring wardrobe, just grab a 1/4 yard of your favorite fabric, a buckle, a few sewing tools and we’ll get started.




Click here to see the entire step by step tutorial.

Thanks, Jan! You’re the best!!!!!!

For more refashion inspiration:


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How to Keep the Original Hem When You Shorten Your Jeans

You know, a girl really has to watch out for that “Sewing Paparazzi”. Those photographers just waiting for a shot of a self-proclaimed Renegade Seamstress using the wrong needle or not finishing a seam correctly.

They almost got the perfect “money shot” of me the other day. It would’ve been like snapping a picture of the Pioneer Woman making Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from a blue box.

But it was worse than that, they almost got a picture of me…..gasp……horror of horrors…..



Ok, now don’t act like you’ve never done it before, or at least thought about doing it. But, in my defense, look at how long they were. Clothing manufacturers must think by my hip size that I’m seven feet tall.


But there is a way to shorten your jeans and keep the original hem. It’s actually quite easy to do and looks way better than a few shiny staples.



Click here for the step by step photo tutorial.

Thanks to all of you who click and go over to eHow to check out my published posts. I’m especially thankful when you pin the articles and make comments on them.

Last week’s winner of The Refashion Handbook is…

The Refashion Handbook

Kalamity Kelly! Send your address to bhunting@eoni.com and I’ll be sure to send a book out to you ASAP.

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Denim and Doilies: A Delightful Dichotomy

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DIY: How to Make Fabric Baby Shoes

Along with the daffodils and warmer weather, those baby shower invitations that keep popping up in mailboxes are sure signs that spring has arrived. If you’re looking for a handmade shower gift idea, baby shoes can be a wonderful present to make for the next new baby in your life.

And I’m excited to announce that my beautiful daughter and her husband will be welcoming a new baby into their family in May. :)





I think it’s true what they say-

“There’s really nothing quite so sweet as tiny little baby feet”.

But these tiny little baby shoes have to be right up there on the “sweet-o-meter.”


The process is fairly simple and you can see the entire tutorial by clicking here.

Thank you for checking out my eHow tutorials. Everyone over there has been incredibly kind to me and creating content for them has allowed me to continue to bring you tutorials each week. To me, everything is right with the world when I’m creating and you help make that possible when you show interest in my articles by making comments, pinning and clicking the “yes this article was helpful” button.

You guys are the best!

I hope you had a chance to check out yesterday’s “Tutu-orial” .


Enjoy your Sunday!


For more refashion inspiration:

You really can make a maxi dress in fifteen minutes!

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DIY: Tutus Aren’t Just For Dancing Anymore

You know what they say…

She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten…


What better way to leave a trail of glitter than making a tutu.


Tutus aren’t just for dancing anymore.


To leave a trail of your own glitter, click here to see the entire tutu-orial

(ha-some more early morning caffeine induced humor) :)


To thank you for taking the time to comment and pin this tutu-orial :), I’d like to give away another copy of The Refashion Handbook to one of you.

Thank you to everyone who pinned and commented on last week’s too small dress alteration.


The winner of The Refashion Handbook is…

The Refashion Handbook

Sara Douglas-Polwort.

Congratulations and send your mailing address to bhunting@eoni.com and I’ll send your book to you ASAP.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


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